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1.1 Assigned RADIUS VSAs

VSA Type Standard Committee
IKE Pre-Shared Secret Request 26/01 X.S0011 TSG-X
Security Level 26/02 X.S0011 TSG-X
Pre-Shared Secret 26/03 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse Tunnel Specification 26/04 X.S0011 TSG-X
Container 26/06 X.S0011 TSG-X
Home Agent 26/07 X.S0011 TSG-X
KeyID 26/08 X.S0011 TSG-X
Serving PCF 26/09 X.S0011 TSG-X
BSID 26/10 X.S0011 TSG-X
User Zone 26/11 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward Mux Option 26/12 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse Mux Option 26/13 X.S0011 TSG-X
Service Option 26/16 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward Traffic Type 26/17 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse Traffic Type 26/18 X.S0011 TSG-X
Fundamental Frame Size 26/19 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward Fundamental RC 26/20 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse Fundamental RC 26/21 X.S0011 TSG-X
IP Technology 26/22 X.S0011 TSG-X
Compulsory Tunnel Indicator 26/23 X.S0011 TSG-X
Release Indicator 26/24 X.S0011 TSG-X
Bad PPP Frame Count 26/25 X.S0011 TSG-X
Number of Active Transitions 26/30 X.S0011 TSG-X
SDB Octet Count (Terminating) 26/31 X.S0011 TSG-X
SDB Octet Count (Originating) 26/32 X.S0011 TSG-X
Number of SDBs (Terminating) 26/33 X.S0011 TSG-X
Number of SDBs (Originating) 26/34 X.S0011 TSG-X
IP Quality of Service 26/36 X.S0011 TSG-X
Airlink Priority 26/39 X.S0011 TSG-X
Airlink Record Type 26/40 X.S0011 TSG-X
R-P Connection ID 26/41 X.S0011 TSG-X
Airlink Sequence Number 26/42 X.S0011 TSG-X
Number of HDLC Layer Bytes Received 26/43 X.S0011 TSG-X
Correlation ID 26/44 X.S0011 TSG-X
Mobile Originated/Mobile Terminated Indicator 26/45 X.S0011 TSG-X
Inbound Mobile IP Signaling Octet Count 26/46 X.S0011 TSG-X
Outbound Mobile IP Signaling Octet Count 26/47 X.S0011 TSG-X
Session Continue 26/48 X.S0011 TSG-X
Active Time 26/49 X.S0011 TSG-X
DCCH Frame Format 26/50 X.S0011 TSG-X
Beginning Session 26/51 X.S0011 TSG-X
ESN 26/52 X.S0011 TSG-X
'S' Key 26/54 X.S0011 TSG-X
'S' Request 26/55 X.S0011 TSG-X
'S' Lifetime 26/56 X.S0011 TSG-X
MN-HA SPI 26/57 X.S0011 TSG-X
MN-HA Shared Key 26/58 X.S0011 TSG-X
Remote IPv4 Address 26/59 X.S0011 TSG-X
HRPD-Access/Terminal Authentication-and-1x-Access-Authorization 26/60 A.S0008/9/24 TSG-A
AT-Hardware-Identifier 26/61 A.S0008/9 TSG-A
Remote IPv6 Address 26/70 X.S0011 TSG-X
Remote Address Table Index 26/71 X.S0011 TSG-X
Remote IPv4 Address Octet Count 26/72 X.S0011 TSG-X
Allowed Differentiated Services Marking 26/73 X.S0011 TSG-X
Service Option Profile 26/74 X.S0011 TSG-X
DNS-Update-Required 26/75 X.S0011 TSG-X
Always On 26/78 X.S0011 TSG-X
Foreign Agent Address 26/79 X.S0011 TSG-X
Last User Activity Time 26/80 X.S0011 TSG-X
MN-AAA Removal Indication 26/81 X.S0011 TSG-X
RN Packet Data Inactivity Timer 26/82 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward PDCH RC 26/83 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward DCCH Mux Option 26/84 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse DCCH Mux Option 26/85 X.S0011 TSG-X
Forward DCCH RC 26/86 X.S0011 TSG-X
Reverse DCCH RC 26/87 X.S0011 TSG-X
Session Termination Capability 26/88 X.S0011 TSG-X
Allowed Persistent TFTs 26/89 X.S0011 TSG-X
PrePaidAccounting Quota (PPAQ) 26/90 X.S0011 TSG-X
PrePaidAccounting Capability (PPAC) 26/91 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP Lifetime 26/92 X.S0011 TSG-X
Accounting-Stop-Triggered-By-Active-Stop-Indication 26/93 X.S0011 TSG-X
Service Reference ID 26/94 X.S0011 TSG-X
DNS-Update-Capability 26/95 X.S0011 TSG-X
DisconnectReason 26/96 X.S0011 TSG-X
Remote IPv6 Address Octet Count 26/97 X.S0011 TSG-X
PrePaidTariffSwitch (PTS) 26/98 X.S0011 TSG-X
Authorization Parameters 26/99 X.S0022 TSG-X
BCMCS_FLOW_ID 26/100 X.S0022 TSG-X
BCMCS Capability 26/101 X.S0022 TSG-X
Common Session Info 26/102 X.S0022 TSG-X
BSN Session Info 26/103 X.S0022 TSG-X
RN Session Info 26/104 X.S0022 TSG-X
Reason Code 26/105 X.S0022 TSG-X
BCMCS Flow Transmission Time 26/107 X.S0022 TSG-X
Subnet 26/108 X.S0022 TSG-X
Multicast IP Address 26/109 X.S0022 TSG-X
Port 26/110 X.S0022 TSG-X
Auth-Key 26/111 X.S0022 TSG-X
TK Info 26/112 X.S0022 TSG-X
BAK_ID 26/113 X.S0022 TSG-X
Reverse PDCH RC 26/114 X.S0011 TSG-X
Acq Info TimeStamp 26/115 X.S0022 TSG-X
MEID 26/116 X.S0011 TSG-X
DNS Server IP Address 26/117 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 Home Agent (Received From the BU) 26/118 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6-CoA 26/119 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6-HoA-Not-Authorized 26/120 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6_Session Key 26/121 X.S0011 TSG-X
Hot-Line Accounting Indication 26/122 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 Mesg ID 26/123 X.S0011 TSG-X
Filter Rule 26/124 X.S0011 TSG-X
HTTP-Redirection Rule 26/125 X.S0011 TSG-X
IP Redirection Rule 26/126 X.S0011 TSG-X
Hot-line Capability 26/127 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6-Home Link Prefix 26/128 X.S0011 TSG-X
Maximum Authorized Aggregate Bandwidth for Best Effort Traffic 26/130 X.S0011 TSG-X
Authorized Flow Profile IDs for the User 26/131 X.S0011 TSG-X
Granted QoS Parameters 26/132 X.S0011 TSG-X
Maximum Per Flow Priority for the User 26/133 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 Authenticator 26/134 X.S0011 TSG-X
Source IPv6 Address 26/135 X.S0022 TSG-X
Program ID 26/136 X.S0022 TSG-X
Program Name 26/137 X.S0022 TSG-X
MIP6-MAC-Mobility-Data 26/138 X.S0011 TSG-X
Inter-User Priority 26/139 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 Home Agent (Attribute B) 26/140 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 HoA (received from BU) 26/141 X.S0011 TSG-X
Carrier ID 26/142 X.S0011 TSG-X
GMT Time-Zone Offset 26/143 X.S0011 TSG-X
FLOW_ID Parameter 26/144 X.S0011 TSG-X
FLOW Status 26/145 X.S0011 TSG-X
Filtered Octet Count (Terminating) 26/146 X.S0011 TSG-X
Filtered Octet Count (Originating) 26/147 X.S0011 TSG-X
Served-User-Identity 26/148 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
MSISDN 26/149 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Trigger-Event 26/150 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Served-User-IMSI 26/151 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Sender-Address 26/152 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Initial-Recipient-Address 26/153 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Result-Recipient-Address 26/154 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Originating-Interface 26/155 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Delivery-Report 26/156 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Read-Reply 26/157 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Sender-Visibility 26/158 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Service-Key 26/159 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Billing-Information 26/160 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
Status 26/161 X.S0016-102 TSG-X
RSVP Inbound Octet Count 26/162 X.S0011 TSG-X
RSVP Outbound Octet Count 26/163 X.S0011 TSG-X
RSVP Inbound Packet Count 26/164 X.S0011 TSG-X
RSVP Outbound Packet Count 26/165 X.S0011 TSG-X
Content Provider ID 26/166 X.S0022 TSG-X
HA Request 26/168 X.S0028 TSG-X
HA Authorized 26/169 X.S0028 TSG-X
IP-Version-Authorized 26/172 X.S0028 TSG-X
MIP4-Mesg-ID 26/173 X.S0028 TSG-X
VAAA-Assigned-MIP6-HA VSA 26/174 X.S0047 TSG-X
MIP-HA-Local-Assignment-Capability 26/175 X.S0044 TSG-X
HA-Realm 26/176 X.S0044 TSG-X
FA-HA-MSA-Request 26/177 X.S0044 TSG-X
FA-HA-MSA 26/178 X.S0044 TSG-X
MIP6-HA-Local-Assignment-Capability 26/179 X.S0047, X.S0011 TSG-X
AAA-Session-ID 26/180 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-RK1 26/181 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
AGW-Redirect 26/182 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
LinkID 26/183 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
UserSession Tracking 26/184 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
IP-Services-Authorized 26/185 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
ERP Support 26/186 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-SPI 26/187 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-HA2 26/188 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
VAAA-Assigned-MIP4-HA 26/189 X.S0054-110, 910 TSG-X
Maximum Authorized Aggregate Bandwidth 26/190 XX.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Inter-User Priority 26/191 X.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Network-PMIP-NAI 26/192 X.S0054-220, 910 TSG-X
PMIP-Based-Mobility-Capability 26/193 X.S0054-220, 910 TSG-X
PMIP-HA-Info-IPv4-Service 26/194 X.S0054-220, 910 TSG-X
PMIP-HA-Info-IPv6-Service 26/195 X.S0054-220, 910 TSG-X
Multiple-Auth-Support 26/196 X.S0054-102, 910 TSG-X
Multiple-Auth-Profile 26/197 X.S0054-102, 910 TSG-X
Accounting-Mode 26/198 X.S0054-400, 910 TSG-X
Connection-Time 26/199 X.S0054-400, 910 TSG-X
Reservation-Based-Usage 26/200 X.S0054-400, 910 TSG-X
ANID 26/201 X.S0054-400, 910 TSG-X
AGW-RAN-PMIP-Binding-Capability 26/202 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
HAAA-MIP6-HA-Protocol-Capability-Indication 26/203 X.S0011 TSG-X
AGW-IP-Address 26/204 X.S0054-610, 910-A TSG-X
VAAA-Assigned-MIP6-HA 26/205 X.S0011 TSG-X
VAAA-Assigned-MIP6-HL 26/206 X.S0011 TSG-X
VAAA-MIP6-HA-Protocol-Capability-Indication 26/207 X.S0011 TSG-X
Local-IP-Access-Authorized 26/208 A.S0024 TSG-A
SFF-KEY 26/209 X.S0058 TSG-X
SFF-Key-Life 26/210 X.S0058 TSG-X
SFF-IKEv2-NI 26/211 X.S0058 TSG-X
Session Key Nonces 26/212 X.S0047 TSG-X
Session Key Method 26/213 X.S0047 TSG-X
DNS Server IPv6 Address 26/214 X.S0011 TSG-X
RIPA Info 26/215 X.S0059-100 TSG-X
FEID 26/216 X.S0059-100 TSG-X
Femto Access Control Authorization VSA 26/217 A.S0024 TSG-A
MIP4-Enhancemnts-Support 26/218 X.S0044 TSG-X

1.1.1 Unssigned RADIUS VSA Types

VSA Type
- 26/26
- 26/27
- 26/28
- 26/29
- 26/53
- 26/106
- 26/173-255

1.1.2 Deprecated RADIUS VSA

VSA Type
Differentiated Services Class Option 26/05
Forward Fundamental Rate 26/14
Reverse Fundamental Rate 26/15
Alternate Billing Identifier 26/35
Interconnection IP Network Provider 26/36
Interconnection IP Network Service Quality of Service 26/38
MIP6-Home Addresss (Attribute C) 26/129
IP Service ID 26/167
MN-HA-Nonce-Request 26/170
MN-HA-Nonce 26/171

1.2 Reserved RADIUS VSA Types for HRPD

VSA Type Committee
Reserved 26/60-69 TSG-A


NVSE Type Standard Committee
PPP Link Indicator Extension 5535/16 X.S0011 TSG-X
DNS Server IP Address 5535/17 X.S0011 TSG-X
Access Network Identifier (ANID) 5535/1025 (04H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
PDSN Identifier/Anchor P-P Address 5535/1281 (04H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Indicators/All Dormant Indicator 5535/1537 (06H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
PDSN Code 5535/1793 (07H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Session Parameter/RN PDIT 5535/2049 (08H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Session Parameter/Always On 5535/2050 (08H 02H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Service Option 5535/2305 (09H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
PDSN Enabled Features (Flow Control Enabled) 5535/2561 (0AH 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
PCF Enabled Features (Short Data Indication Supported) 5535/2817 (0BH 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Data Notification 5535/3073 (0CH 01H) X.S0054-100 TSG-X
Data Notification Timer 5535/3329 (0DH 01H) X.S0054-100 TSG-X
3GPP2_MEID 5535/3585 (0EH 01H) X.S0062 TSG-X


CVSE Type Standard Committee
Accounting/Radius 5535/257 (01H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Accounting/Diameter 5535/258 (01H 02H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Mobility Event Indicator/Mobility 5535/513 (02H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
Data Available Indicator/Data Ready to Send 5535/769 (03H 01H) A.S0017 TSG-A
GRE Key 5535/1025 (04H 01H) X.S0011 TSG-X
Binding Type Extension 5535/1281 (05H 01H) X.S0054-100 TSG-X
GRE Tunnel Endpoint Extension 5535/1537 (06H 01H) X.S0054-100 TSG-X


AVP Type Standards Committee
HA-Request 5535/1 X.S0028 TSG-X
HA-Authorized 5535/2 X.S0028 TSG-X
Home-Agent 5535/3 X.S0028 TSG-X
MIP6-Home-Agent 5535/4 X.S0028 TSG-X
MIP6-Home-Address 5535/5 X.S0028 TSG-X
IP Technology 5535/6 X.S0028 TSG-X
Inbound MIP Signaling Octet Count 5535/7 X.S0028 TSG-X
Outbound MIP Signaling Octet Count 5535/8 X.S0028 TSG-X
Carrier ID 5535/9 X.S0028 TSG-X
GMT-Time-Zone Offset 5535/10 X.S0028 TSG-X
IP-Version-Authorized 5535/11 X.S0028 TSG-X
Visited-Network-Identifier 5535/12 X.S0028 TSG-X
VAAA-Assigned-MIP6-HA 5535/13 X.S0047 TSG-X
MN-HA-Shared-Key 5535/14 X.S0044 TSG-X
MIP4-Mesg-ID 5535/15 X.S0044 TSG-X
MN-HA SPI 5535/16 X.S0044 TSG-X
AAA-Session-ID 5535/17 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-RK1 5535/18 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
LinkID 5535/19 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
Carrier-ID 5535/20 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
IP-Services-Authorized 5535/21 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
ERP-Support 5535/22 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-SPI 5535/23 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
PMN-AN-HA2 5535/24 X.S0054-100, 910 TSG-X
Maximum Authorized Aggregate Bandwidth 5535/25 X.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Authorized Flow Profile IDs for the User 5535/26 X.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Inter-User Priority 5535/27 X.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Allowed Differentiated Services Marking 5535/28 X.S0054-300, 910 TSG-X
Multiple-Auth-Support 5535/29 X.S0054-102, 910 TSG-X
Multiple-Auth-Profile 5535/30 X.S0054-102, 910 TSG-X
Accounting Mode 5535/31 X.S0054-400, 910 TSG-X
Allowed-Diffserv-Class-Flag 5535/32 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
Max-Class-Selection-Marking 5535/33 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
Reverse-Tunnel-Marking 5535/34 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
ProfileID-Forward 5535/35 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
ProfileID-Reverse 5535/36 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
ProfileID-Bi-Direction 5535/37 X.S0054-910 TSG-X
MIP6-Home-Link-Prefix 5535/38 X.S0028-200 TSG-X
MIP6-Home-Link-Prefix-Length 5535/39 X.S0028-200 TSG-X
MIP6-Home-Link-Prefix-Value 5535/40 X.S0028-200 TSG-X
AGW-RAN-PMIP-Binding-Capability 5535/41 X.S0028-100, 910 TSG-X
HAAA-MIP6-HA-Protocol-Capability-Indication 5535/42 X.S0047 TSG-X
VAAA-MIP6-HA-Protocol-Capability-Indication 5535/43 X.S0047 TSG-X
SFF-KEY 5535/44 X.S0058 TSG-X
SFF-IP 5535/45 X.S0058 TSG-X
SFF-KEY-Nonces 5535/46 X.S0058 TSG-X
Ni 5535/47 X.S0058 TSG-X
Nr 5535/48 X.S0058 TSG-X
Master Security Association 5535/49 X.S0047 TSG-X
Key 5535/50 X.S0047 TSG-X
MSA Lifetime 5535/51 X.S0047 TSG-X
MSA-SPI 5535/52 X.S0047 TSG-X
RIPA Info 5535/53 X.S0059-100 TSG-X
FEID 5535/54 X.S0059-100 TSG-X
SeGW IP Address 5535/55 X.S0059-100 TSG-X
3GPP2-Cancellation-Type 5535/56 X.S0057 TSG-X
Max-Link-Flows 5535/57 X.S0057 TSG-X
Service-Option-Number 5535/58 X.S0057 TSG-X
--Ty Interface Specific--
Flow-Operation 5535/800 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Charging-Rule-Install 5535/801 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Charging-Rule-Definition 5535/802 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Event-Trigger 5535/803 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
QoS Information 5535/804 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Chargin-Rule-Report 5535/805 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
AGW-IP-Address 5535/806 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
AGW-IPv6-Address 5535/807 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
RAT-Type 5535/808 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Flow-Info 5535/809 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Flow-Identifier 5535/810 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Granted-QoS 5535/811 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Requested-QoS 5535/812 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Flow-Description-Info 5535/813 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
Rule-Reason-Code 5535/814 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
AGW-MCC-MNC 5535/815 X.S0013-014 TSG-X
--Tx Interface Specific--
Access-Network-Physical-Access-ID 5535/900 X.S0013-013 TSG-X
Access-Network-Physical-Access-ID-Value 5535/899 X.S0013-013 TSG-X
Access-Network-Physical-Access-ID-Realm 5535/898 X.S0013-013 TSG-X
Reserved for Tx/Ty 5535/816-897
---Reserved for Backward Compatability for 3GPP2 RADIUS VSAs---
BSID 5535/9010 X.S0057 TSG-X
Service-Option-Profile 5535/9074 X.S0057 TSG-X
Maximum-Authorized-Aggregate-Bandwidth-for-Best-Effort-Traffic 5535/9130 X.S0057 TSG-X
Authorized-Flow-Profile-IDs-for-the-User 5535/9131 X.S0057 TSG-X
Maximum-Per-Flow-Priority-for-the-User 5535/9133 X.S0057 TSG-X
Inter-User-Priority 5535/9139 X.S0057 TSG-X
Reserved 5535/9001-9009, 9011-9073, 9075-9129, 9132, 9134-9138, 9140-9255


Diameter_Error_User_No_WLAN_Subscription 5001 X.S0028 TSG-X
Diameter_Error_Roaming_Not_Allowed 5002 (Obsoleted) X.S0028 TSG-X
Diameter_Error_User_No_FAP_Subscription 5003 X.S0059-100/td> TSG-X


FA CoA Mode of Operation Disabled 8192 X.S0028 TSG-X
IPv6 Service is Not Authorized 8193 X.S0028 TSG-X
IPv4 Service is Not Authorized 8194 X.S0028 TSG-X
Remote IP Access Service Is Not Available 8195 X.S0059 TSG-X


3GPP2_MIP4_MODE 16384 X.S0028 TSG-X
3GPP2_MIP4_HA 16385 X.S0028 TSG-X
3GPP2_MIP6_HA 16387 X.S0028 TSG-X
3GPP2_MIP6_HOA 16388 (Obsolete) X.S0028 TSG-X
3GPP2_MIP6_HL 16389 X.S0028 TSG-X


Packet Type Kind Value Specification TSG
Reject 0 X.S0011 TSG-X
MAX PPP Inactivity Timer 1 X.S0011 TSG-X
Version/Capability Indication 2 X.S0011 TSG-X
Version/Capability Reply 3 X.S0011 TSG-X
AltPPP Sync 4 X.S0040 TSG-X
AltPPP Request 5 X.S0040 TSG-X
AltPPP Reply 6 X.S0040 TSG-X
AltPPP Ack 7 X.S0040 TSG-X
Max PPP Inactivity Timer Response 8 X.S0011 TSG-X
AddAuth Request 9 X.S0011 TSG-X
AddAuth Reply 10 X.S0011 TSG-X
AddAuth Packet 11 X.S0011 TSG-X
AddAuth NAK 12 X.S0011 TSG-X


Packet Type Kind Value Specification TSG
No Filter for Local IP Access 0 A.S0024 TSG-A
Egress Filter for Local IP Access 1 A.S0024 TSG-A


MS Capability Bit Specification TSG
Simple IPv4 C0 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP4 C1 X.S0011 TSG-X
Simple IPv6 C2 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIP6 C3 X.S0011 TSG-X
Max PPP Inactivity Timer C4 X.S0011 TSG-X
Max NCP Inactivity Timer C5 X.S0011 TSG-X
PPP Additional Authentication C6 X.S0011 TSG-X
Network Initiated QoS C7 X.S0011 TSG-X

PDSN Capability Bit Specification TSG
Auxiliary SI for SO 60 C0 X.S0011 TSG-X
Auxiliary SI for SO 61 C1 X.S0011 TSG-X
Auxiliary SI for SO 66 C2 X.S0011 TSG-X
HA Resource Management C3 X.S0011 TSG-X
Auxiliary Service Connection for SO 64 C4 X.S0011 TSG-X
Auxiliary Service C5 X.S0011 TSG-X
MIPv4 enhancement C6 X.S0044 TSG-X
MIP6-HA-Local-Assignment C7 X.S0011 TSG-X
PPP Additional Authentication C8 X.S0011 TSG-X
Network Initiated QoS C9 X.S0011 TSG-X


Mobility Option Sub-Type Specification TSG
3GPP2_MEID 1 X.S0062 TSG-X
3GPP2-Reconnect-Indication 2 X.S0057 TSG-X


Feature List ID Feature-Bit Description Specification TSG
Query-Group(1) 0 SubQoSConfig Request for Subscriber�s Qos Profile X.S0057 TSG-X
1-31 Reserved


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