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The Steering Committee shall perform the following tasks:

  • appointment of SC Chair and Vice Chairs;
  • allocation of human and financial resources provided by Organizational Partners;
  • allocation of voluntary human and financial resources provided by Market Representation Partners and Individual Members;
  • management of the 3GPP2 Support Team;
  • handling of appeals from Individual Members on procedural matters referred to them from TSGs;
  • handling of appeals from Individual Members on technical matters referred to them;
  • recommendation of modifications to the Partnership Project Agreement, Working Procedures Document (March 10, 2004) and Partnership Project Description, for Organizational Partner approval;
  • determination of the overall time frame and manage overall work progress;
  • final adoption of new and stopped work items proposed by the TSGs within the agreed 3GPP2 scope and objectives;
  • confirmation of appointment or dismissal of TSG Chairs and Vice Chairs, as proposed by TSGs. (The proposed candidate shall be appointed unless there are extraordinary reasons that prevent such an appointment, e.g., severe company or geographical imbalance within 3GPP2. In such cases, the TSG shall be requested to elect an alternative candidate. The decision not to appoint a candidate shall be made by consensus.);
  • maintenance of the Register of Individual Members eligible to participate in 3GPP2 based on input received from Organizational Partners;
  • maintenance of the register of IPR declarations relevant to 3GPP2, received by the Organizational Partners;
  • final adoption of Technical Specifications and Technical Reports forwarded from the TSGs.

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